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"When I design a piece of jewelry, it is as if I am writing a book.  Each design is a chapter, not in words
but in shapes and textures. I make precious stones and cold metal speak” - Alex Šepkus

A master of design and a true original in today’s world, Alex Sepkus is first a craftsman whose priority is beauty,
whose insight and passion for his work are his driving force in life and whose abilities lie within his hands.
Alex Sepkus is a fanatic; the intelligence he applies to his work is far beyond the national standard requirements.
His meticulous design philosophy results in intricate creations that blend art with craftsmanship in each piece.

Each piece of Alex Šepkus jewelry is hand crafted in his New York City shop. He designs and makes his tools by hand
in order to create the unique and exceptional patterns found on his pieces. Eighteen jewelers work
to bring Alex’s designs to life, and many have worked with Alex for over ten years.

Every piece is created under a microscope: no small detail is compromised. 
From the original carvings to the finished product, Alex makes the entire first piece of each design,
and, once he feels the design is ready he trains his team on the specific techniques used to fabricate the piece.

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