Caring for Your Jewelry

Our jewelry pieces represent some of our most treasured accessories, and to protect them and keep them looking their sparkling best, it is important to clean and store them properly.  

According to GIA specialists, ingredients found in every day cleaning products,  perfume, hairspray and cosmetics can damage stones and pit alloys used in settings.  Similarly, prolonged exposure to sunlight, heat and sudden changes in temperature can result in fading or darkening of colored stones, and, in the case of temperature change, can cause a stone to crack or fracture. 

In order to protect your pieces, we recommend that all fine jewelry should be removed before swimming, or using cleaning products.   Care should also be taken when applying perfume, cosmetics and hairspray, with jewelry being worn after only after application.

We also recommend storing your jewelry in either the box it came, or a special, padded jewelry box to avoid scratching and chipping of stones and settings.  When traveling, we recommend that you store your jewelry in a secure and padded box to protect it from impact and scratching.

At Sausalito Jewelers, we are happy to clean your pieces free of charge, and help to keep them looking their best.  When cleaning your jewelry at home, we recommend using warm water, mild soap (no detergents) and a soft brush or a soft cloth only.   Please be sure to check in with us about your particular piece and the best and safest method to clean it.