Custom Jewelry Process


At Sausalito Jewelers, our custom jewelry process provides an exciting opportunity to create pieces that are beautiful, thoughtful, and completely unique. Our recognized custom jewelry professionals can support your vision in designing every detail of your one-of-a-kind item. We utilize advanced 3D renderings and 3D printing methods for precise illustrations and prototypes in helping you create your perfect piece. Our specialized use of induction casting avoids porosity and shrinkage (problematic in centrifugal casting) for the most precise, pure, and robust jewelry.

Our custom process involves:

  1. A one-on-one consultation with one of our recognized custom jewelry professionals who will carefully listen to your ideas, provide you with samples, support your design decisions, and supply you with our best quote.
  2. A sophisticated 3D rendering of your unique design using CAD/CAM software for a precise visual illustration submitted for your approval.
  3. A 3D printed prototype created with 100% wax for your approval. Unlike many other printers which use polymer clay or resin for their prototypes, 100% wax avoids the porosity which compromises the strength and durability of jewelry.
  4. An advanced casting made within an anodized aluminum casting chamber. We use electronic induction for a carefully controlled, homogeneous melt, which casts under vacuum and a powerful overpressure of inert gas. This process simultaneously pulls and pushes melted metal into the flask to guarantee a dense casting without the brittleness, cracking or subsurface porosity that can necessitate rework down the line.
  5. A careful evaluation, polish, and hand prepping before gem setting.
  6. A thorough and meticulous gem setting session, where hand-selected gems are carefully placed into to your jewelry.
  7. A detailed final inspection of your unique, custom made design for you to admire and enjoy.

At Sausalito Jewelers, our expertise, equipment, and materials are carefully built and managed to reflect the most ethical, beautiful, and high quality jewelry available. We literally travel the world to source the best diamonds and other precious gems for complete control and knowledge of every gem we work with. We are proud of the designs we make and we stand behind each piece for life.