Jewelry Repair and Restorations

Transform old jewelry into something totally new and totally you.

Holding onto old jewelry you never wear? We know there are many reasons to feel attached. Inherited and vintage jewelry can connect us to meaningful events, relationships, or family histories. Yet, too often, these pieces sit neglected—due to an ill-favored style, poor fit, or damage. At Sausalito Jewelers, we can dust off your old, heirloom, or vintage jewels and create gorgeous, new jewelry perfectly suited for you.

There are countless reasons for repurposing old jewelry—and just as many creative and empowering ways to do it:

Family Jewelry

Incorporating family jewelry is a powerful way to keep your loved ones close.

  • Repurpose a beloved relative’s heirloom diamond into an extra meaningful engagement ring.
  • Reshank or fuse your grandparents’ well-worn wedding bands to create beautiful new bands of your own.
  • Celebrate the birth of a baby by adding a birthstone to a family ring.
  • Prepare a special heirloom item to pass on to your own children or grandchildren.

Update & Elevate Style

Repurpose old gold and gemstones from a dated design into a modern piece made just for you.

  • Remake the style of your jewelry—by creating a stunning new cocktail ring from an old diamond bracelet, a contemporary necklace from an old ruby brooch, a pair of unique earrings from gold cufflinks. The possibilities are endless.
  • Commemorate a milestone anniversary by redesigning your original wedding set. This is a fun opportunity to upgrade your rings and better reflect your current tastes and lifestyle.
  • Incorporate different elements of your history and personality by combining multiple pieces into a single, statement piece.

Reinvent Your Ring

Reclaim and redefine your jewelry after the loss of a spouse, a divorce, or breakup.

  • Redesign your ring into a powerful and poignant right-hand ring. This process of remaking your jewelry can be an incredibly symbolic experience, honoring the past while signifying a new beginning after the end of a relationship.


Repurposing jewelry is a meaningful, environmentally responsible practice.

  • Recycle old, neglected materials into a fresh, new design you will be excited to wear. By giving new life to your old jewelry, you are promoting ethical, sustainable, and environmentally responsible practices within our industry.

Jewelry Repairs

At Sausalito Jewelers, we are proud to offer a full range of jewelry repair, restoration, and custom services:

  • Ring sizing
  • Prong repair
  • Stone setting
  • Replacement of lost stones
  • Gemstone cutting & polishing
  • Reshanking
  • Adjustable ring shanks for arthritic joints
  • Soldering
  • Rhodium dipping
  • Engraving
  • Jewelry cleaning, polishing, and much more.

All our work is performed on-site by experienced artisans and professionals. Most repairs are done within a quick turnaround time so you can enjoy wearing your jewelry again sooner. If you have an item in need of repair, restoration or repurposing, contact us for a consultation and our best estimate. You can trust us to retain the integrity of your precious family heirlooms and keep your everyday wearable items clean and sparkling.

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