Eco-Friendly & Fair Trade Options


Eco-fair trade values are extremely important to us. We have been fortunate to be mentored in this quickly growing area by Toby Pomeroy, a leader in sustainable, eco-friendly and reclaimed jewelry design.

Toby’s singular use of Oro Verde Gold, a fair-trade and fair-mined eco-friendly gold from the Choco bioregion of Columbia, results in beautifully designed pieces that we are proud to showcase at Sausalito Jewelers. Toby is a jewelry luminary whose goal is to spread awareness of ethical metals sourcing, and he has has taught us a great deal about why, where and how to source better materials for our custom pieces.

Sadly, over 1,000 tons of mercury are released into the environment every year as a result of traditional gold mining. Large mining companies often employ ruthless practices that leach toxins into the water supplies around the mines, ruin arable land, kill aquatic wildlife and destroy the ability of indigenous people to profit off of more reputable mining practices on their own lands. Once we know such things about the gold mining industry, it becomes difficult to turn the other cheek.

“As jewelers, we have an opportunity to empower small miners, both by telling their story and by buying responsibly sourced gold, platinum and silver from them—which ultimately benefits the whole planet. These artisanal miners, who are mining responsibly, get a premium for doing so, and they can use this premium to improve their mining infrastructure and the efficiency of their processes, as well as to bring healthcare, retirement benefits, schools and clean water to their communities. When the public and governments hear about these improvements, it can create a ripple effect throughout the mining industry and the world. Suddenly, it’s not just gold; it becomes gold with a story… a sweet story. Probably the best story that gold has ever had.”
— Toby Pomeroy

“As you tell the story of how metals are traditionally sourced, it’s simply a matter of being inspired by what you are doing and taking actions. One of these actions is simply telling that story. It’s not an easy story to tell. But as you tell it, and as you learn more, you’ll get more and more inspired. It’s a challenging issue, and it takes the stout of heart to take it on.”
— Toby Pomeroy

“None of us are perfect in terms of being socially and environmentally responsible. But we must all start somewhere, and be willing to tell the truth.”
— Toby Pomeroy

Because of this, Sausalito Jewelers is invested in making a positive contribution to the jewelry industry in three ways:

  1. We ethically source the metals and gems we use in our custom designs from reputable and, whenever possible, certified sources.
  2. We curate a collection of jewelry made by artisans such as Toby who share our values.
  3. We belong to the following organizations:

With Toby’s mentorship leading the way, when curating our collection of pieces by other designers, we favor those who use reclaimed, recycled, ethical and fair-trade materials. We also offer the option of having a piece custom-designed using fair-trade, ethically mined metals. Our commitment is to work toward a model of knowing where all of our source materials come from, as well as the materials of the artisans  we showcase. We invite you to come into Sausalito Jewelers to have a conversation with one of our knowledgeable sales people about our commitment to eco-friendly sourcing.